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To order using the websites automated online form simply click on the “shop” link displayed in the navigation menu.

Once the products page is displayed click on the range of products which is of interest to you. A list of products will then be displayed.

To bring up a more detailed description of any product, click on the product’s thumbnail image or title. If you decide that the product is not what you are looking for, your browsers back button or the “products” link may be selected to take you back to a previous page.

When you have found a product which you wish to purchase you will find possibly a number of input boxes which allow you to select the color, size and quantity of the product you wish to order. Ensure you check each one and click or enter each correctly as per your desired order.

Once you are confident you have selected what you require click on the “order” button.

If you wish to continue shopping click on the “continue shopping” button to go back to the products page. Once a product has been placed in your cart you can navigate throughout the site without fear of losing any of your cart’s items. The cart icon at the top of the page will show exactly how many items and the total which exist in the cart at any time. The process above may then be repeated to add other products or different sizes / variations of the same product to your cart. To view a full contents of the cart at any time click on the link "view cart" below the "Welcome to our store!" heading.

To delete an item from your cart, click on the checkbox next to the item you want removed and click the button "recalculate". This button may also be used to recalculate the total cost should you decide to change the quantity of products you wish to order.

Once all the items you wish to order exist in your shopping cart, click on the “checkout” button. An order form will be displayed prompting you to enter your details. If you are a return customer you may enter your email address and password and click login. This form will be filled in automatically for you. Otherwise you will need to enter your details into the customer details section and select a shipping method. If you wish to have the item shipped to another address, enter these in the shipping details section. A password may also be entered so that you do not have to fill this form in again next time. Once your details have been entered and you have supplied any special order comments which you may wish to add, click on the "continue" button.

In the next screen you will be able to choose which shipping method suits you depending on your budget and the time you require the goods. Once you have chosen your desired method click "continue". You will now be shown your final order and be asked if you would like to revise the order before proceeding. If so click click the link "Click here to review your order" or click the button "Continue" to continue to the payment page. At the top you can select which credit card you wish to use and enter your details. If you are worried about submitting credit card information over the internet or would like to pay via direct deposit, cheque or cash, select one of the other payment types listed below. Once you have decided and entered your details, click the "continue button". If any errors are displayed, click your browsers back button to rectify the problems.

Once the order has been deemed successful, full details of your order and the associated costs for shipping and handling will be displayed. An order number will also be displayed which you can use for any correspondance if required.

Print this page for your records and/or send to Netball Proshop via the details shown.

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